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Series of typographic works made with pencils about me.
Project Info
    As some people know, I'm experimenting quite a lot lately and try to work next to my iMac to explore new things. This week I've been sketching and doodling around. I made this series of works about me, every word means quite a lot to me. I worked on A3 rough paper with 2B and 5B pencils, here are the pictures.
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  • 19
    I turned 19 this month and I wanted to make something to remember. I always thought 19 is just a gap between being 18 and 20. Nothing special happens when you turn 19. But 19 means something, but I just still need to figger that out. This work will remember me to think about it now and then.
  • RUN
    Run? I hear you think. Well you have to know I'm doing athletics since I was 5 years old, and still run everyday and train. Together with my 2 brothers, Tim and Stef. My little brother is fastest kid on the planet at the moment on the 400m Hurdles (He ran fastest time this year in the world ( 17-18 years old, youth Olympic Champion)  so we train together everyday. I run 400m myself with Tim. So yeah, it means a lot to me.
    This speaks for itself, I want to be an artist is some kind of way, create things I like, inspire other and have a good time. I want to become a good freelancer or art Director in a studio somewhere. I'm still searching for a nice place to start and offer my help and skills, but I'm still young. This is to remind myself where I'm working for.
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