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Futura logo carved on beach

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Logo carved on the beach for client.
  • Company Logo Carved on the Beach

    My beach calligraphy is usually a matter of carving in a fairly free and flowing way, so this commission was a special challenge to me. Futura is everything but free and flowing! The name was also knocked out of a square so I reckoned I'd have to draw some lines for the first time in my beach calligraphy life.

  • The first time I had a go at the job I was interrupted by a robber with a knife who took my camera bag with most of my photography equipment! Fortunately I retained my D80 which was in a holster bag behind me. Here are some trials I did before that: 

  • When I got to the beach again two days later, I discovered I'd left my copy of the logo at home. The deadline was looming so I had to go ahead and do it out of my head. That's how I ended up getting the u wrong. I also, stupidly,  got the position of the V-cut wrong, but that was easily PhotoShopped right. Here is a copy of the logo:

  • Here is the carving of the name. The straighter s was deliberate to accomodate the technique and the forms are taller in an attempt to compensate for the effect of the wide angle lens.

  • The idea was to carve the sand away around the square and take the pic when the tide came in around it. Here I have also shortened the square a bit more to compensate for the effect of the ultra wide lens:

  • Bucketloads of sand, and water to clean up. A few hour's work.

  • The shadows creep in before the tide does:

  • The sun is now too low and the tide hits it a little differently to how I imagined it:

  • A canvas now hangs in the company foyer in Germany:
  • Image courtesy of Christina Strohm, Burster Marketing.

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