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Random Got Beautiful

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Typographic organic illustration, mixing in structural polygonal forms. Created with stippling technique.
Project Info
  • Random Got Beautiful

    "my first typographic illustration exploring the stippling inking technique."
  • Initially, this illustration was due to be a collaboration with another artist with the 'Beautiful' line theirs to interpret. Unfortunately they were unable to do so, thus I moved to finish the piece myself. The result though, was that I rushed the last line and I was entirely unhappy with the outcome. I have however, completely re-drawn the 3'rd line and shall comp it to the original image before the final version is ready to be screenprinted. You can see some of the development and detailing below and a preview of the new 3rd line is at the bottom.

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  • Random Got Beautiful - Initial line complete
  • Random Got Beautiful - Detailing
  • Random Got Beautiful - Detailing - weat!
  • Random Got Beautiful - 0.2 Dots Joy
  • Random Got Beautiful - Initial halting point
  • Random Got Beautiful - The final composition (but with the 3rd line to be re-drawn)
  • Random Got Beautiful - A preview of the 'new' 3rd line, to be comped onto the original

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