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  • Petrol: Handmade Accessories [Pin Typography]
  • Petrol Handmade Accessories creates unique meaningful handcrafted jewelry and accessories from start to finish with care. Every piece is individually created by hand without using a machine, making every piece a true one-of-a-kind! Petrol has many unique designs and come out with new designs often, creating handstamped necklaces, bracelets, keychains, leather cuffs, earrings, and more. The perfect gift for everyone!
    In the Handmade Arena, what sells your work is you!  People who buy handmade are fundamentally interested in how you as a craftsman are able to magically transform everyday objects with your creativity, instinct, life experiences and hand skills into something that will enhance their lives on a practical, aesthetic, and emotional level. They want to get a glimpse of how you see the world, and they get that by buying your handcrafts.  Essentially, what they want is to experience a little bit of the magic that is you!
    We were commissioned by Petrol to create a sign for the shop in order to reflect the handmade feeling. We decided to create it by the pin typography method. The logo was carefully handcrafted from scratch, made out of steel pins and coloured twine by using the identity colour palette (black & petrol). We nailed hundreds of pins into a board [2.000 pins] and then wound hundreds of metres of embroidery thread around them [700 metres].
    We hope you 'll like the procedure. Enjoy!
    Handcrafted by: Corn Studio
    Animation by: Kostantinos Spetsiotis
    Shot'n'cut by: Ilias Stathis
    Video by: Skatz Production
    Special Thanks to:
    Caroline Chatzidimitriou: For the supplies
    Μama Margarita: For the food
    Danis Psinakis: For the lab
    Panos Chalepas : For the drive
    Stamatis Christou: For the heavyweight work

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