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  • ADFORMATIE x Type illustration & process
    DON'T BE LAZY type illustration with my creative process
  • I've been invited to the Adformatie Podium to create illustration with a message to the branch.
    This illustration refers to the working process as a Designer  and the necessarity of hard work.
    I often find myself very motivated about a project at the beginning but get struggling towards the end.  When you see your first letters finished you tend to get lazy afterwards.
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  • Final artwork.
  • Details
  • Details
  • Custom type is first step.
  • Make a 3D effect is the second step.
  • Gold strikes, third step.
  • More gold is just more gold, forth step.
  • Jewelry stuff would be awesome on letters, so it is sixth step.
  • Yes, it works, seventh step.
  • OK, I miss the color, it will be last step.
  • As I want final artwork looks highly exaggerated.
  • Wallpapers will be available soon, if you want it now, drop me a message.

    Thanks for watching,

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