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Amplifying The Typography Experience, Y

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Final year school project. Part 2 of 4.
  • Amplifying The Typography Experience
  • An exploration in the form of 52 alphabetical posters in 4 categories: Type treatment, Yesterday's mediums, Present technology and Experimental type. Each alphabet is executed through the support of a different element or medium to visually represent a word starting with the same alphabet. 

    The second part of the project outcome, Yesterday’s Mediums, explores the embodiment of traditional mediums, such as paint, hand drawn illustrations and craft, in conjunction with typography. 

    This section is divided into 4 sets of different themes. The first set, ‘Ink- Dots and Lines’ consists of posters, N, O and P. The second set, ‘Painted Typography’, consists of the posters, Q, R and S. The third set, ‘Papercraft’ consists of the posters T, U, V and W. The forth set, ‘Ink and Colour’ consists of the posters X, Y and Z.
  •   N is for Noise
  •  O is for Order
  •  P is for Poetry
  •  Q is for Quench
  • R is for Radiant
  • S is for Smudge
  • T is for Thaw
  •  U is for Urban
  •  V is for Volume
  •  W is for Wave
  • X is for Xyloid
  •   Y is for Yuck
  •  Z is for Zest

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