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Australia Infront

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Australia infront is a resource centre for designers and creative types n Australia, and after my move here from Indonesia they did an article on me out of the blue. As an expression of my gratitude for the feature they did on me I made this typographic piece with their site name as the copy. To say the least it was well received, and they were kind enough to feature the piece on their site
  • Australia Infront
    Typographic Illustration
  • Australia Infront is an online community for people in the creative industry here in Australia. It is a resource centre for fellow designers to look at the current trends, events and even job postings. Not too long ago they did a feature on me (link). So to express my gratitude and for fun I designed this typographic piece as a personal project.

    To say the least, it was well received and they were kind enough to feature this piece on their site. So boys and girls, what goes around comes around. Be nice to one another, peace!

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