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Barber's Dump is an experimental typeface totally made out of hair and rasta dreadlocks. And much more.
  • - - - - - - - - 
    This project is a tribute to my hair.

    (sorry in advance for my poor english)

    I've had a lot of hair styles during my life, especially during my teenage.

    From the classical punk crest to bleached blonde and many other colours, to more ordinary styles like very short (2-3 cm) and mid length.

    Once upon a time I've also grew my hair for two years to become a rasta poser (so many joints at the time but at 18 years old it's a natural passage to adult age) and made my own dirty dreadlocks (with also some leftover bleach blonde wisps).

    Naturally, more the years pass, more your style is pushed to become sober, high school age is not forever, post high school age as well, and if you're not into music industry ruling a successful punk band, a red mohawk is not forever.

    Dreadlocks too.

    Considering that I've lost 2 years trying to grow them, and they were by that time an "important" memory of my personal twisted path, I've decided to take in my hand the electric shaver, cut them, pick them up, and put it in a plastic bag with over "RASTA HAIR RIP".

    After years of hair sobriety, in the (more or less) two past years I've tried to grow them again,
    looking for a more sober long hair style without any dreadlocks or colours.
    Folk rock / grunge band singer, if you need references.

    My hair is a bit curly so they became not exactly what I've imagined, not a bush in the head but it was near to look like. But I liked them.

    And we have passed together rock festivals, my graduation, good and bad stories, snow and sand,
    and any sort of tales.

    But, at least, it arrived the time also for them to be cut, and brought me back into a more fit-to-be seen status for a designer, not the lead-singer of a psychedelic folk rock band named "Hypnothalamus"
    (I must admit that I didn't look exactly so handsome with them long).

    And I've stored them as my old dreadlocks, again.

    Now, carrying on this latest wave of typography that has brought me success and no more ideas except make fonts with everything that pass through my mind, I've decided, one night that I was really drunk, two or three days after the last cut, "Ok. let's make a typeface with them."
    And here we are.
  • An old ruined hair cutter, 2 years of wild hair, vodka, cigarettes, and 40 minutes here heavily accelerated to cut out the hair bush I got on the top of my head.
    Filmed terribly bad and blurry with my old GoPro, all with the precious help of my probation officer in life Laura.
    ps. the track below is in atuoplay, pause it to enjoy the video and play after. thanks.
  • There is the right soundtrack for everything.

    Il Barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville) is an opera from a play of Giovanni Paisiello,
    and it's the about the story of a famous barber.

    And it fits well this case.
  • Quite bushy, isn't?
  • The complete alphabet from A to Z in capital letters.
  • Switch ON/OFF : Hipster/Metalhead .
  • All the letters in their gross glory.
  • Complex process, and damn hair dump everywhere to clean. It's a tough job.
  • Hypotethical hair adverts without the classic perfect hair beautiful models.
  • And a hilarious quote about hair by John Green.
    That's all.
  • Besides this funny typographic experiment, that I hope you have liked, to create type treatments is my work, and I'm widely open to develope unique typefaces for adverts, editorials, covers etc.

    Best regards to everybody, see ya next project!!!

    - - - - - - - - 
    Riccardo Sabatini | Barbers Dump
    2011 | design updated 2014

    Hope you liked it, for job enquiries, prints and co.
    ask at

    Personal website

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