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  • Silkscreened Limited Edition Poster
    50cm x 70cm (19.7in x 27.6in)
    1 Color  / Gold
    on 7 different variations: inks, papers + materials 

    All Prints are Singed and Numbered by the Artist

    Gold - Dark Brown Paper 180gsm / series of 11
    2 different Gold inks - Dark Brown Paper 180gsm / series of 10
    Gold & Real Gold Foil - Dark Brown Paper 180gsm / series of 5
    Gold & Alumi Foil - Dark Brown Paper 180gsm / series of 1
    Gold - White Perl Paper 240gsm / series of 1
    Gold - White Adhesive Sticker / series of 1
    Gold - Transparent Adhesive Sticker / series of 1 

    Designed by Corn Studio
    Screen Printed by tind

    As Andreas quoted:
    "This poster is a typographic project made out of Bodoni letters being inspired by the female sensitivity. Bodoni is a series of serif typefaces first designed by Giambattista Bodoni (1740–1813) in 1798. Like every typeface, Bodoni has its own charisma. Its presence in design always reflected the good taste, the classic, the elegant, the different. Bodoni has narrower underlying structure with flat and unbracketed serifs, extreme contrast between thick & thin strokes and an overall geometric construction.
    The reason i decided to use silkscreen as a method was to add a little spark using gold colours and gold foils to reflect the ultimate woman nobility. "

    Only a few are up for sale / Get yours here
  • Get yours here

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