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Series of greeting cards on kindness, gratitude and thoughtfulness. ====================== This personal project is one of my early experiments on type and one of first projects I put on line. It appeared on two featured galleries and I am extremely thankful for all the views and appreciations it has been receiving. These past few days I have been receiving a good amount of emails, direct messages and comments (especially from Turkish viewers) about the a worldwide renowned ad agency which has been granted a Silver Lion in Art Direction (Cannes Lions 2014) with a project that is very similar to this one. Actually, I have seen quite a few other projects (not only on this platform) that follows the same aesthetics flow. However, one can never be sure whether anybody’s work has been inspired by mine or not. At Art University, a dear teacher told me that artists are the creators, but never the owners of their own work. I partially agree with that. As an artist, I am always aware that once a project is made public there will be no control on who sees, likes, dislikes, takes, keeps or makes something out of it. Business apart, this is how art (and artists) work: we are constantly giving to and taking from whatever surrounds us. I always feel glad when I see that something I did have minimally inspired someone to work on something they feel happy about. If the agency’s work was made after mine, they were just more fortunate in promoting their work. I am made out of what I’m given, not of what I’m taken. Thank you all for the kind, constant and priceless support. Warm hugs, Antonio.
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    Thank you for your appreciation.

    Warm Hugs! 


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