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DEMONS of SEDUCTION by Jeffrey Wang 王九思

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Journey to the West. Demons of Seduction Sculpture of temptation, craft of sensation. body of a woman - Crazy Horse Paris whispers - is allure. Intriguing lines, ethereal figures. Feline souls in literary classics – BLANQ imagines - are beauty. With the Crazy Horse Paris, seduction is a journey. Driven by the god-forbidden yet primitive desire, another step forward is another step towards beautiful risque. Danger silently crawls behind enchantments in disguise, luring you to step closer and closer. The illusion of temptation is a sweet wrap of pain. The bittersweet of struggle and crave. Travel east to the Journey to the West, a classic Chinese folktale about the legendary primilage to India of Buddhist saints. Before achieving the epic mission, the heroes have to win a sensational combat declared by picturesque demons. The femme fatales enslave men with their fatally ethereal talents. Every slightest gesture smokes lust. Every sweetest smile melts morality. Every alluring movement is an irresistible call for your heart and soul. Their beauties, their very different soft powers are the best art of seduction.

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