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  • Branding, Identity, Typography and Editorial Design
    Guided by SM Shah
    Special Thanks to Juhi Vishnani
  • Classroom project to design a new identity for my institute, DJ Academy of Design (DJAD). I first followed a more traditional process to symbol design, which is taking the attributes and values of the institute and inspired from that creating a graphic form and identity. But i soon realized that this would lead to one final solution, one final logo and identity.

    The institute is pretty young and growing in number and popularity. The courses are flexible to fit students' interests and choices. Therefore i wanted to challenge the traditional logo design process and sort of create a system instead, which has those values and attributes. So whatever is derived from this system can retain the original feel and soul of the institute.

    Therefore i went about creating a grid from which graphic forms and typography can be created.
  • The traditional method 
  • Taking the attributes and values of DJAD i came to a form.
  • Instead of creating one graphic form from, i created a grid using the shape that has those values of stability, strength and modernity.
  • I derived typographic forms from the grid and set out on designing an entire character set.
  • The final typeface is called "Adian Grid".
  • Final character set.
  • Final Logo Type
  • Pages from the Prospectus
  • A separate project will be uploaded for the Typeface with specimen posters soon.

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