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We're required to select 1 poem from a list and design our own alphabets through transformation based on the moods/characters of the chosen poem. It's the first time I try designing my own alphabets.
  • Destination
    typeface created based on a poem called Destination.
  • Blue below her and blue above
    she moves out smooth
    with only the smallest white objections
    and goes about her business,

    i watch her bulk to speck
    and stow away in her figment,
    sunset aft, moon on bow,
    spray to spice intention,

    what reefs and capes she rounds,
    which harbour’s pleased to see her
    set down her great red boxes,

    a place i used to call
    or somewhere yet to feel,
    Bombay or Valparaiso.

    - John Flanagan
  • enjoy :)
  • Book Cover
  • sketches, plannings and try-outs.
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