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EMBOSSY is a font family of 4 weights typefaces designed to have a bevel effect on it and multiple colour combinations for each weight. Plus some posters and applications of the font included into the presentation.

    Born as a custom font for a client's work of a logo/tshirt/etc. Decided to carry on and design the whole typeface, not just the letters of the logotype, and I've called it EMBOSSY.
    Embossy is a embossed font family  I've designed starting as base on the Nova Mono typeface letter work.
    I've constructed the bevel effect working over it with stroked lines of different weights, developing a bold and a light form, plus two coloured versions, adding colours and shadows to the clear designs.
    Below you can see the case study of each single letter in its 4 versions, plus the specimens and some typographic posters where I have applied the font.

    Hope you like it, enjoy!
     It's always nice to hear a good soundtrack while doing, or watching, visual stuff.
  • Here you can see the two specimens, for bold and light weight, of the typeface.

    I've designed EMBOSSY for first as a line work, as you see in first image (top left),
    then with different stroke weights (top right), then adding  two coloured versions,
    one on gray scale (bottom left), and the other with primary colours (bottom right).

  • Some applications of the typeface on posters and letterings.

    First:  looking for alternative pangrams... (trust me, it's correct)

    ... and some real posters applications playing with different colour combinations.
  • Hope you have liked it!

    Embossy is available to purchase and / or to be used as personal commissions.
    If you're interested contact me privately here

    or send an email at

    See ya next project!!!


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