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  •  ESSENCE (Typographic Installation)
    The Essence of Celebration

    April 27th is the biggest day for artists! Hope you all make the best of it!

    From our side, we were glad to participate in a typographic installation college workshop, and celebrate the ESSENCE of this special date!

    Hope you enjoy our sincere passion of art. Here you go!
  • The more the merier!

    We noticed that the fence at the entrance of the college, that people rarely see, was full of small slanted squares that look like pixels. It was a perfect grid for our work because pixels are the essence and building blocks of typography.
    Then we decided to insert balloons in these "pixels" to convey the idea that balloons are the essence of a celebration. Their roundness and bright colors please the eye, give off a feeling of joy and happiness, and draw a smile on the face of its viewer.

    (Not coincidentally) The college's 75th anniversary is getting nearer, so we started the celebration early. But the nature of these moments is ephemeral, so when all is over, nothing will remain but the memory of it and the deflated balloons.
  • Photos from different angles
  • This Project was done in the course of a typographic installation workshop at college (ALBA - Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts, Lebanon) where we were divided into groups of two; a Multimedia and Art Direction student.

    387 Balloons contributed to the completion of this project.

    If you liked our artwork please support us and press the "Appreciate it" blue button at the bottom of the page!
    We would like also to know your opinions, you can give us some feedback in the comment box.
    Thank you.

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