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Fassade Display

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Facade display is a stylish geometric typeface inspired by 1930s travel poster lettering.
  • Fassade Display is a branch of a larger display family called Fassade. Fassade Display and it's san serif brother Fassade Sans were inspired by 1930s travel poster lettering. Where Fassade Sans is the stripped back 'bare bones' version, Fassade display features exaggerated graphic elements that where prominent in geometric Art Deco lettering of the 1930S. These features include lowered waists on key letters such as E,F,H,P,R etc., 'rally stripes' and 'diamond' details. Fassade display comes with 2 sets of stylish uppercase letters and a wide range of interchangeable glyphs and special characters.
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  • Fictional poster campaign for www.the promoting fast train times featuring Fassade Display. Poster Designed by Jonathan Martin

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