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Flint's Pictorial Alphabet

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A custom alphabet created from antique engravings, digitally collaged and turned into solar-etched printing plates. This intricate A-Z covers a whole universe of scientific study from Astrology to Zoology.
  • Flint's Pictorial Alphabet
    Antique scientific engravings remixed as modern day type
  • The title is a cheeky reference to the wonderous "Heck's Pictorial Archive" - a compendium of scientific engravings culled from antique textbooks, covering the full gamut of scientific fields. I wanted to give these tiny, beautiful works of art a new lease of life and decided to collage together a whole alphabet, with each letter dedicated to an alphabetically corresponding field of study. It's all there - from Astronomy to Zoology. Having created the letters as digital files I then made a solar-etched plate for each letter, from which I hand printed the completed alphabet using oil-based inks, Somerset paper and an intaglio press, bringing the original engravings full circle. I hope you like them!

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