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Hand Drawn Type

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This is a showcase of examples of my hand drawn type.
Project Info
  • Hand Drawn Type

  • I love type, especially hand drawn type. Below are examples of how I have used hand drawn type in past projects.
  • This was produced while working at Fellowship Church. The purpose for this piece was to promote the series At the Movies. We ( the design department) came up with the idea of passing out a golden ticket. I immediately had an idea of how to implement it and this what we came up with. I wanted the visitor to feel special and I wanted it to have antique feel and immediately looked to the Victorian period in design for inspiration. The type they use is beautifully drawn and very ornate and that was how I approached the type design for The Golden Ticket.
  • This was a wedding invitation I designed for a friend that I worked with while working at Fellowship Church. Mary and Christian are both designers and chose CMYK as their colors for the wedding. Since they were getting married at The Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas they wanted the invitation to have a true western feel to it. In designing the type Mary Lenora / Christian Dunn I was inspired by a lot of old broadside wood type posters.
  • Inspiration Friday is what I do every Friday for the people I work with. I send out an email with what I think is beautiful creative that I have found over the week. I wanted the design of the type to feel aspirational, and this is what I thought of. Inspiration Friday, the floral elements and black background were created by yours truly, not "It's".
  • This mural was the first of three. This was done recently at TracyLocke and when these pics were taken, this was not finished. The area below the big quote has another quote and the name of the individual who said the quotes. A group of us were originally asked to do a series of posters with quotes from Morris Hite, who was the Chairman of TracyLocke for almost 50 years. We presented our posters to the head Creative and he said think bigger. So, my friend Nathan Beasley and I came up with the idea of doing a typographic/illustrative mural. I would draw the type he would paint the face. This is how it turned out. P.S. We have finished this mural and once I get pics I'll slap them up here.

    Portrait of Morris: Nathan Beasley
    Laying out and drawing the type: Cory Say
    Painting the Letters: Tracy Locke
  • Everyone loved the first mural. So, they asked to do a couple more murals. I don't have pics of the third one yet but when I do I put them up.

    Laying out and drawing the type: Cory Say
    Painting the Letters: Tracy Locke

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