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Handmade Bundle

Last Edited:
These graphics are part of three different projects, but have all the same signature. I am always doing hand-jobs (no puns applied), but differently form previous work the only digital addition to these ones was the colour correction. Hope you’ll enjoy it.
  • The first set was actually a ‘hidden’ gallery on my about tab.
    It’s a series of posters saying some small facts about me
  • Another ‘hidden’ set. The one featuring on the website was a last minute thing, designed to give a few more information about me. The original idea was to edit the sayings as tattoos, but although it was an interesting concept, it felt kind of fake. However, in order to make them more personal, I redesigned by hand and this is how they look.
  • Well, one would easily notice. However if you wanna more about it, please folow this link.
  • Finally, this set was commissioned by The Shirt Sayins. They only sell type based designs, mostly sayings or quotations (all very cool, I must say).
  • ************
    But I have added some colour to these ones...
    So here they go again...
  • Some sketches…
  • Thank you for your appreciation.

    Warm hugs,


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