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Kassetta Spring / Summer 2012

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This is my graduation project from Iceland Academy of the Arts. I branded a fashion store in Reykjavík and therefore gave it the identity needed to thrive in a challenging market environment.
  • Kassetta Spring / Summer 2012
    Identity / Branding for a fashion store in Reykjavík

  • This is my graduation project from Iceland Academy of the Arts. The project is branding the fashion store Kassetta in Reykjavík city, providing it with the identity needed to thrive in the challenging market environment. I wanted the store to have a visual presence which would exceed it’s confined space.

  • Kassetta, which translates to cassette, or tape cassette, sells vintage clothes along with more modern clothes designed by the owner of the store. This fusion of two eras seemed interesting to me and I wanted the identity to reflect this synthesis. Time is also something that is closely connected to fashion and therefore it seemed logical to work with that. I worked a lot with Salvador Dali as an inspiration. I found the way he interprets time visually in his work to fit this project well. He shows time as something physical stretching or leaking.

  • Most of the garments sold in the shop are exaggerated, quirky and fun, far from what could be considered traditional. I wanted this to be the focus point in the identity so I made a manifesto; “There’s nothing worse in life than being ordinary”
  • For this project I designed two typefaces. One is the quirky, bold and playful display typeface used in titles and headlines. The other one is the body text typeface. I designed two versions of that one, bold and regular.
  • Here is the look book I designed for both their in-store vintage collection and spring / summer Kassetta collection. I decided to have a an unusual selection of models. I mixed local celebrities, known for their natural uniqueness, with more traditional models.

  • Although being situated in heart of Laugavegur, the main shopping street in Reykjavík, the store was quite unnoticable. One of the problem solving aspects of this project was making the store itself visible and appealing. My solution was making a window display that would work as the face of the store.
  • This project participated in the yearly graduation exhibition held in Listasafn Reykjavíkur. In this exhibition, which is the most visited one in Iceland, graduation students show off the resaults of a four month course.

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