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Lettering Collection

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collection about lettering proyects in 2012-2013, Clients; Studio Store, The Crappy Hour, Qstoms, etc.
  • This project is a collection of my first digital letterings.  Letterings are do it between 2012 and 2013. I tried to make a small selection diverse of all letterings for diferents clients about worldwide. (Studio Store, Notegraphy, Radio Corbera, LA Villaba, FFF, and personal projects.) All letterings I have done with the computer, are modular and geometric letterings, but follow the correct rules calligraphic.
  • DIE GUTE FORM (personal project)
  • ONLY YOU (personal project)
  • SUMMER OF LOVE (studio store)
  • TOGETHER (studio store)
  • SUAVE (studio store)
  • FOREVER YOUNG (Studio Store)
  • WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN (personal project)
  • OH MY GOLD (Studio Store)
  • BALCK (balck)
  • ALL YOU NEED IS <3 (personal project)
  • IT HAPPENS (Studio Store)
  • DRIBBBLE (dribbble)
  • LA VILLALBA (la Villalba)
  • TI AMO (notegraphy)
  • BACK TO BASICS (Studio Store)
  • F*** & F***
  • BLACK & HARD (fff)
  • CORAZÓN DE MELÓN (personal project)
  • THE CRAPPY HOUR FM (radio Corbera)
  • thank you very much
    I hope you enjoyed
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