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Original Typefaces

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I design typefaces. Sorta. Here's five specimens and twenty posters to put a handful of the semi-complete typefaces I've made over the years to use.
  • Here's five original typeface specimens and 20 posters putting them to use. Wheee!!!
  • Estereo takes its name from a very inventive (and sadly defunct) indie pop band out of Louisianfrancisco. The numerous ornaments included in the character set reflect the band's consistent adherence to unconventional instrumentation and sounds, such as the musical saw, water-filled glasses and audibly mistreated stray animals. I may have made up that last one. Anyway, I was lucky enough to see Estereo numerous times throughout the Bay Area (including what I believe was their second-to-last show) and would like to contribute this typeface to their good natured, understated legacy.

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