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Oslo Bokfestival

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Oslo Bokfestival is the largest book festival in Norway with over 180 writers from Norway and abroad.
  • Oslo Bokfestival
  • Oslo Bokfestival is the largest book festival in Norway with over 180 local and domestic writers, authors and publishers. The festival covers over 200 events on 15 different stages.  A book festival is a celebration of words so I decided to use typography as the main visuals and chose knockout as the primary typeface for it´s wide range of weights and it´s "bookshelf" look. Quotes on books from politicians, humorists, authors and artists were used as graphic elements throughout. The colors were inspired by the muted tones of worn-out books in addition to being a contrast to the primary colors used by every bookstore and publisher in Norway. 
  • Banners for stages and tents.
    Height: 2 meters. Width: Various
  • "To read a good book is the greatest joy on earth"
  • "A good book has no ending"
  • "Books have the same enemies as man. Fire, moist, animals, time and one's own content"
  • "A dirty book is rarely dusty"

  • "If literature didn't exist - many thoughts would be invisible"
  • "It´s better to be barefoot than bookless"
  • "A wise man reads both books an life itself"
  • "All books are about the reader"
  • Catalogue cover.
    The best books of 2010
    Typography shaped as a crown

  • Poster
    Size: 400 x 1200 mm

  • Rollup
    Size: 55 x 210 m

  • "A writer is a man that can't keep his madness to himself"
  • "Maybe life has to be on shaky grounds for it to sving?"
  • Rollup
    Size: 85 x 200 cm

  • Program
    Size: 148 x 210 mm

  • Bookmark´s
    Size: 55 x 210 mm

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