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Posters for "The Walking Dead"

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These are not official merchandising of the tv series The Walking Dead. I created so i could have these posters hanging on my wall. If you like it, please send me an email to and found out how you can puschase yours!
  • Posters for the TV series "The Walking Dead"
    By Mr. Gabriel Marques
  • Hi everyone. These are two posters i created for the Tv show AMC's The Walking Dead. Since i started watching i got addicted to the show and created these for myself. I printed and put them on my walll in by bedroom and pretend I bought it and some really famous artist did it.
    Hopefully someday i'll find a way to sell and if you would like to purchase i'll give you directions later. Any doubts about these works please, send me an e-mail to
    These are NOT official merchandise of the show. ( i wish it could be though)
    If you're a fan like i am, i hope you liked it!
    I honestly never ever thought this artwork would be so well known and so commented and seen! This is an amazing achievement for myself as an artist and professional, and I'm grateful to have gotten new opportunities because of this artwork, I finally created my Society6 page and I added this poster there for whoever wants to buy it as a print or products! Hope you like my little online store. Thanks for everyone who commented and said nice things about this. =)


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