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Slick - Font by Superfried

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Slick - Font by Superfried. This font is a modern take on the traditional serif italic fonts. It was inspired by classics such as Bauer Bodoni black italic. It is available for £1 from:
  • Slick - Font by Superfried
    Available for just £1 from our website
  • Ironically I used to hate italic and serif fonts. Well maybe it's age or maturity but I have now designed one! As usual this came from a logo that was not used. The job required some cool curvy italic letter action, but all of the fonts found had elements that did not work. So bespoke lettering was developed. Then when the job fell through it seemed a waste not to develop the complete font.  
    With this release we have included upper and lower case. If popular, we are planning to create a version with highlights as shown in the posters below. There are many fonts of this style available, however the majority we have seen follow the traditional letter forms which deviate in style quite considerably with some letters and the caps. This was particularly the case with glyphs such as: f, z, y, ! some numbers/caps and mathematical symbols not italicised at all. With this font it was our intention to carry the same styling throughout as much as possible. 
    We have tried to combine different serif styles and the kerning pairs have been set very tight so that the font has a joined-up flow and style. This probably breaks many conventions and may not to be the taste of many, however we are not typography experts so for us the fun is in the experimentation! Anyway, let us know what you think and if there are errors or missing kern pairs etc. Hope you like it.
    As usual the font can be purchased from our site...
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