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Space typography | 2011

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Act I Space typography Through Space typography, I would like to give life to letters; then I worked inside each type with forms, movements, and eventually colors. It helps me to feel how is construct a letter and how it can be use as "creative typography". I work the letter in 3D, mostly with paper, because I'm becoming more and more a sculptor and working with materials (not only paper). The paper is very easy to manipulate (to cut, to fold, using different colors). This for me a real emotion. For space typography, I didn't anticipate forms; the experience determined what I did, it's really "researches" : I'm testing, testing, and when I feel its the good way, then I do. When sculpting type, I use my graphic-education in another way than usually, and I don't use it as a graphic designer. It's not only rational (serif or without serif, which type, contrast), it's visual sensation. April 2011
  • Space Paper Typography
    A sculptural work
  • This project is a personnal one, becoming a professional one. I worked as a sculptor to determinate type style.

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