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Struktur - Typeface and Posters

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Typeface design. Guided by Jay Menon and SM Shah
  • Struktur
    Type Design
  • Struktur is a geometric display type that i designed inspired by Herbert Bayer's experiment Proposal For A Universal Type (1925-30). I wanted to revisit the bold type experiment and extend it for a modern, more postmodern world. The proposal was made in a time before the modernist era. I wanted to stay true to Bayer's original ideals and so kept the type completely fixed width, forsaking readability for symmetry. 
    The entire character set is based on a strict two circle grid and all terminals are restricted to 90˚ or 45˚. It is a bold typeface that has a fixed flow and heavy contrast.
  • Struktur has been purchased and released by Ultra Types, Barcelona. You can buy the font here.

    Special thanks to Juan Ramon Pastor A.K.A. Wete for everything.
  • Bayer never intended for capital letters to exist in his proposal. But i intended this typeface to be a repositioning of his ideals for a different time and place. 
  • Special thanks to Juhi Vishnani for help in cracking the Ampersand, which turned out to be my most favorite character of the lot.
  • Buy Struktur here.

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