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The Combinebox

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"Combinebox" is a modular font-system, created together with Andre Apel from Leipzig. The basic design is taken from the classic font Schwabacher, which was reworked in an avantgardistic way. The result is a box of 30 elements, which can be individually combined, but always keep their formal roots. For more details and downloading the Combinebox check:
  • The Combinebox is an avantgardistic interpretation of the traditional Schwabacher to get 30 single elements which can be freely combined to get new letters, which stick to the roots of the Schwabacher, but have the individual touch of the one using it.  
  • The modular system comes as vector files, so it´s up to you how to use it. You can go the easy way as well as we provide the Combinebox as an Open Type Font too.
  • Get an impression of how to work with the Combinebox in this movie, edited by Thomas Wimmer
  • During the development... Sketches by Andre Apel
  • During practice...
  • Proof of concept...
  • Kim Hensler from Work.ID did a great job on executing the website!
  • The different fragments of the font guide you through the content.
  • You´re able to download the font for free...
  • ...or get anything else necessary to start with using the Combinebox!
  • Beside Slanted and Fontblog, the Combinebox was featured in "Fraktur mon Amour" by Judith Schalansky.

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