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The Moral Reminder - UTS Major Project 2010

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'The Moral Reminder' consists of three short films and four printed books, where various scenes and unexpected mediums are used to generate type in order to challenge our understudying of proverbs and moral guidance.
  • From the medieval to our modern day, the use of animal characteristics and clichés have forged moral guides that aim to advise human interaction through the animal example. This moral tone can be seen in the shortened structure of idioms and proverbs, such as “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, where consideration of action and consequence is encouraged. 

    Using animal based idioms and proverbs, The Moral Reminder aims to develop renewed and insightful interpretations of the animals’ original role as a ‘moral guide’ through a figurative and physical development of language. These traditionally spoken phrases are recreated in a manner that, whether familiar or foreign, may evoke personal reflection of experiences and a new understanding for the viewer..  

    This project was completed in my final semester at the University of Technology, Sydney, as my Visual Communications Major Project.
  • The Moral Reminder - Action, part 1 of 3
  • The Moral Reminder - Attitude, part 2 of 3
  • The Moral Reminder - Advice, part 3 of 3

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