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Tongue Twisting Type

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Project Info
  • Here's a couple of executions of a type treatment iIve been working on this week as part of a type based ID for a collaborative art initiative that's due to be launched by the Victorian government in a few months... the letterforms are created entirely out of tongues... still a work in progress though but I'm pretty happy with the flow. I'll update this as I go.
  • This is the latest installment of this Big Moth type ID. The creative team decided I needed to integrate a mouth illustration into the logo type... I struggled with this for ages but this is where it's at so far.
  • So with a few other tweaks, mainly integrating the loop on the M with the P, a few other subtle tweaks and the inclusion of .com to the end of the treatment, here's the final CMYK version.
  • This is a 2 colour version for screen printing on white
  • and this one's the 1 colour version. 

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