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Twofaced Display Type

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Twofaced display typeface with 2 very distinct sides.
  • Twofaced Display Type
    Experimental Display Typography
  • 'Twofaced Display' is exactly what it says on the tin; a display typeface with two very different and distinct attitudes. One side to this bipolar typeface is a reserved bold, sans-serif and on the other is the aggressive, alternative face. 
    The design was originally intended to be a regular sans with a few alternative looking characters, but these aggressive looking alternative glyphs evolved into a complete A-Z set, so a bipolar typeface was born.
    The final design is two all-caps sets, with a full complimentary set of special characters and alternative glyphs. I intend to expand the typeface into a family containing, light, regular, and extra bold weights - watch this space!
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