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Type Animals

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Animals, typography, graphic design, illustration.
  • This project is about animals and Typography. 
    I decided to create various illustrations of animals by using letters only .
    All animals are in Czech language. Basically all the writings describe things that are typical for each animal.
  • The king of all animals.
  • The only mammal that can´t jump
  • The big honey lover.
  • A big bird that can´t fly.
  • The man´s best friend.
  • I got seven lives.
  • He is almost like humans.
  • Don´t underestimate me.
  • I´m going to end up on a dinner plate.
  • Is he black, is he white.
  • You can download TYPE ANIMALS on POOLGA - Art and wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices created by selected illustrators and designers
    The Zebra illustration is featured in Typoshirt One, the first book about typographic T-Shirt designs. Published by Index Book.

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