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What is Identity?

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Identity Font
  • The aim of the project represents a personal approach that characterises myself, presented
    by my Graphic Design work. After research contacted from questionnaires that were sent to people
    I personally know it helped me discover how people observe my individual with the use of certain characterisations. 
    The research required to provide a word for each letter of the English alphabet which depicts to a characterisation of my personality. 

    The replies I received were somehow amusing, yet it made me think how people really see me.
    I was quite surprised that most of them were actually true.
    Some of the characterisations I received as replies were describing my identity as I believe it is. Therefore the answer to the above question is both.

    People provided images of my identity perceiving my outside self. 
    However, they created these images from the outlook I provided them associated to the fact that identity is something we are born with.

    Identity is something that can be shifted.

    However it cannot be changed.  

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