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type scan alphabet

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scanned paper types made by only using a scalpel, paper and a scanner. made this to find new ways to get into touch with type and letters and see, how many different ways of forming letters exist.
  • type scan alphabet
    paper • scalpel • ruler • scanner

    Exploring the possibilities we have using paper as a raw material and the ways it changes 
    when folded, cut, crumbled, rolled or else. I created an alphabet of pure paper letters,just using
    simple materials like a cutter and a ruler.
    I chose the scanner instead of a camera, because it is closer to paper as a material than a camera 
    and makes sure that every letter is captured the same way. Also, the whole project was meant
    to be an experiment, not just bout finding different possibilities to use paper but also a scanner and 
    its very own abilities.

    I hope you enjoy.

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